Migrate to The Cloud

Leverage a cloud-based application platform designed and built specifically for financial services organizations.

get-startedCloud computing — or computing over the Internet — offers enormous benefits to credit unions. A credit union that migrates to the cloud can expect to see several benefits. However, a migration to the cloud can be very challenging for most organizations. For financial institutions with legacy financial applications cloud computing can be near impossible. Northstar Technologies supports your legacy applications that are already cloud-enabled; and as a result, your credit union can experience enormous benefits such as:


  • Cost Savings. One of the major benefits of cloud computing is that you can eliminate unnecessary capital expenditures and budget-destroying hardware refreshes.
  • Resiliency. Redundant systems in the cloud help create enterprise-wide availability, which is a tremendous benefit to credit unions.
  • Scalability. Take advantage of an affordable way to scale your IT operations as your organization grows or shrinks and your technology needs change.
  • Cloud Security. Centralized data storage with robust authentication and access controls provides a higher level of protection for sensitive data such as customer information. Plus standardization is a major benefit of cloud computing. Cloud security is the key to cloud compliance.
  • Accessibility. Having access to the latest data, systems and applications from any computer, anywhere any time of the day or night is the promise of cloud computing.  You no longer have to be limited by desperate client server environments.
Improve performance via technology

Simplify with reduced maintenance, quicker deployment of systems and services, upgrade ease, and simplified license management.


Credit unions continue to rely on technology more and more to reduce cost and improve business processes. This dependency can turn disastrous if the credit union selects the wrong technology or other third-party partner. The right balance must be struck between beneficial cost effective technology and the management and monitoring that must accompany the technology.


The right technology through the right partner will result in higher member satisfaction and ultimately growth to your credit union. But with increased technology comes increased regulatory scrutiny. Picking the right partner that can assist with compliance needs will ensure that your technology investments improve not only your IT performance, but your overall business performance.


Northstar Technologies offers the full spectrum of solutions that help a credit union to improve performance, including cloud computing, server, desktop and network management, outsourced email and a host of professional services, remote support and onsite support services.

Secure Member Data

Implement an internal and external layered approach to information security


Information security is not a one-time “set it and forget it” issue. It requires around-the-clock management and monitoring to ensure credit union members’ data remains protected from both internal and external threats. Compushare has several solutions that protect an organization’s sensitive data.


Services such as firewall management, intrusion detection and prevention monitoring, web content filtering, SPAM filtering, anti-virus, email content filtering and others can be deployed to keep your member data secure. Additionally, professional services are available to perform information security audits and even social engineering testing.

Prepare for Compliance

Reduce risk by protecting data from loss, theft, and malicious or careless insiders.


Northstar Technologies understands a credit union’s regulatory compliance needs. Not only have we assisted hundreds of financial institutions with preparing for their examinations, we have worked hand-in-hand with clients throughout thousands of exams. Our regulatory compliance experts are extremely knowledgeable regarding all aspects of the examination process and can help your organization achieve the best practices that your members expect.


At Northstar Tecchnologies, we understand compliance.


  • A team of regulatory compliance experts to help you prepare for your examinations. They’ll be there step-by-step through your examination or audit.
  • A true understanding of regulators’ expectations for vendor due diligence performed on all third-party partners. With our extensive knowledge from working with over 100s of financial institution clients where we have performed thousands of risk and compliance engagements and serve hundreds of institutions by managing their day-to-day compliance needs.
  • We provide all relevant vendor due diligence information as well as the critical compliance documentation that is available for your systems.
  • Several services that can manage and protect your critical systems and data, which are required under FFIEC regulatory guidelines.
  • A host of business continuity, disaster recovery, and enterprise-wide recoverability solutions and professional services to ensure you meet regulatory compliance requirements.
  • Northstar Technologies co-hosts regular educational webinars for clients and partners, providing insight on the regulatory landscape and what to expect on your next IT exam.