Migrate to The Cloud

Leverage a cloud-based platform specifically designed for banks and financial institutions.

get-startedBank cloud computing offers huge advantages if they can migrate successfully. Banks and financial services companies that have legacy banking applications face huge challenges moving their operations to the cloud unless they partner with an application hosting company. Your migration can be done seamlessly and you can begin to experience the benefits which include:

  • Cloud Security – Centralized data storage with robust authentication and access controls provides a higher level of protection for sensitive data such as customer information. Plus standardization is a major benefit of cloud computing. Cloud security is the key to cloud compliance.
  • Easy Access – Has access from any computer to all the latest data, systems and applications. The computer can be located anywhere and the information can be accessed at any time of day or night. With cloud computing you are no longer bogged down by dysfunctional client servers.
  • Cost Effective – The cost of building and maintaining an IT infrastructure is eliminated and the cost of maintaining and refreshing the hardware is a thing of the past.
  • Resilient – For banks, continuity is imperative and as such the redundancy in systems built into the cloud help create company-wide availability around the clock, which is a huge benefit.
  • Scalability – As your company moves with the times, growing and sometimes scaling back, your IT needs change. The cloud offers you a cost effective way to scale your technology operations. The integration is easy and because there are so many mergers and acquisitions in this industry right now, these benefits are critical to the continuity of operations.
  • Security – There is a much higher level of security with centralized data storage in the cloud. With strong authentication and security controls the private information of customers is safe.
    Standardization in cloud computing is another major benefit. In order to be in compliance there must be robust cloud security, it’s a given.

The rapid acceptance and incorporation of cloud technologies and virtualization by IT organizations has been profound. It has introduced a very remarkable change in the architecture of technology and the new computing models have dealt with some very challenging issues confronting CIOs over the last 20 years, such as:

  • The surging traffic must be processed and safely stored
  • Need for more flexibility in IT as business conditions fluctuate
  • The necessity to consolidate resources to reduce costs
  • Complicated integration initiatives that combine internal and external computing

Northstar Technologies has successfully implemented cohesive company-wide virtualization and cloud roadmaps for nearly 100s of companies. Our framework of virtualization and Cloud Services is leveraged to deliver your technology and the transformation of processes and upgrades in IT infrastructure in a way that enables your business to reach its goals. Our experts are ready and able to help you:

  • Help you consolidate your IT infrastructure by designing virtualization programs to provide server and storage systems
  • Disable your technical silos that prevent flexibility. Enable key IT processes by implementing cloud computing models integrating people, processes, as well as technologies
  • Integrate best practices and important controls will protect the integrity of data and applications in this web based computing environment
  • Institute a framework that provides for ongoing improvement and builds a foundation for developments in innovation and technology or business process design

Contact Northstar Technologies today to arrange a meeting with one of our virtualization and cloud experts to find out what else we can do for you.

Reduce Operating Expenses

Pay for what you use and no more. Eliminate overpriced and repetitive IT programs.


Bank executives often find themselves sidelined into areas of their business that take them away from their primary task which is growing their business, increasing the bottom-line and driving the institution forward. If you find yourself investing in an infrastructure and overseeing the IT department, then it’s time to consider outsourcing this critical work.


Northstar Technologies offers bank executives the freedom to focus on the priorities of running the business, effectively managing and implementing their strategic initiatives for growth. They can stop being consumed with daily operations. We’ve successfully helped community banks run smoothly for over 20 years and have accumulated 100s of clients who trust us to handle their day-to-day operations.


If you want to keep your operational costs under control and maintain the ability to quickly grow, then let Northstar Technologies help you make the right strategic decisions regarding your information technology needs. We offer banks a wealth of experience that can only come from many years of providing IT services to other banks and financial institutions.

Align IT Strategy

Eliminate the need for expensive and cumbersome IT processes and infrastructure by outsourcing those needs.


It has become very challenging for banks to control their operating expenses in the current climate of pressures to compete, the requirements of regulatory compliance, increased technology needs and security concerns. With IT management expenses always going up it may be time for a change.


Outsourcing may be the solution you’ve been looking for. Northstar Technologies can eliminate the burdens of IT and help you rein in those ever increasing operating expenses. By going from several service providers down to one, your operating expenses will shrink. You will no longer spend valuable time on oversight, the blame game, vendor due diligence and the pressures of meeting compliance requirements.


Northstar Technologies is a national service provider whose total focus is on banks and financial institutions. We can provide the agility, scalability, security and controls that will allow you to spend less and do more by outsourcing your IT operations with a company that can be trusted.

Prepare for Compliance

Protect your data from being compromised or lost due to carelessness or theft.


Northstar Technologies has expertise in regulatory compliance and can work with your organization to prepare for your examinations. We have successfully worked one-on-one with hundreds of clients as they’ve navigated thousands of exams. Our experts are knowledgeable and understand all facets of the examination process. We can get your organization to the level required and expected of financial institutions in today’s economic climate.


Northstar Technologies is ready to provide a whole team of experts to help you prepare for your examination or audit. We will be with you every step of the process. From working with nearly 100s of financial institutions we have a thorough understanding of what regulators expect for vendor due diligence. We have conducted thousands of risk and compliance engagements and manage the daily compliance needs of hundreds of institutions.


We will give you the important vendor due diligence information that is relevant plus the documentation on compliance for your particular systems. There is also information on additional services that are required under FFIEC and FDIC guidelines. You will be examined on your business continuity, your ability to recover from a disaster and your enterprise-wide solutions and professional services in order to meet the requirements for regulatory compliance. We will put our resources at your disposal so that you will meet and surpass all that is required to be in compliance.